October 3, 2012

Son Raw ain’t fazed.

Faze Miyake plays the music we want to hear. So said Merky Ace on last week’s live Rinse session, and I know better than to argue with a man with “merk” in his name. For those unfamiliar with Faze, he produced last year’s Grime anthem Face Off, later used for the Lord of the Mics anthem in the video above. Combining emcee-led Grime with a Trap influence, his Rinse set features everything from Juicy J to The Newham Generals and somehow manages to make it appealing to fans of both. Bonus points for the live on-air clinic by Family Tree who rip mics like it’s 2004.

MP3: Faze Miyake ft. Merky Ace & Family Tree on Rinse.FM

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