October 5, 2012

The blog industrial complex should be embarrassed that fighting five goons was the first time they had even mentioned Gunplay. But if this leads to him dating Mary Kate Olsen and it being covered on TMZ than so be it. The white girl jokes alone will pay for themselves.

This video leaked yesterday and only has 3,000 views, despite Gunplay being arguably the most watchable time bomb alive. You can’t take your eyes off him because he leaps around like a cross between a thug Smeagol, a coked-out panther and one of the possessed demon-dogs in Ghostbusters He may be the Redman of this generation, except that weed and shrooms are replaced by coke and coke. Also, his Facebook page.

Below the jump, more videos of Gunplay where no one gets punched. As good as he is at rapping, he is better at lip syncing.

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