October 8, 2012

Son Raw strongly identifies with this video.

The underground music media does an absolutely horrible job of representing Montreal to the outside world. Whether it’s promoting hirsute and impish non-factors or confusing acts at hi-concept techno-tourist festivals* for stuff that gets played here on a regular basis, any coverage this city receives promotes a distorted and frightening distopia unrecognizable to anyone outside of The Mile End. Bad enough we have to deal with potholes, harsh winters and government corruption, the last thing we need are waves of unemployed synth-pop lovers raising rents and opening up vegan restaurants.

Thankfully, scene-stalwarts Hesk and Paveun counter this blazen misrepresentation by keep things gritty in their latest video, taking you on a tour of the city’s rapidly degenerating industrial landscape and not-so-rapidly degenerating gentlemen’s establishments. It’s pretty much what you can expect on a car-ride through town: Jean-Guy, ratchets, drunks standing on corners and bumping beats. The only way this shoot could have been any realer is if an overpass collapsed while they were driving.

All of the tunes featured are available for a low price on Bandcamp, perfect for dance battles and freestyle sessions. There’s also a mysterious remix by the elusive Chickenboy2K6, who may or may not be John Williams’ footwork production alias. Probably not, but I’m not telling.

MP3: Hesk & Paveun – React EP on Raw Records (left click to Bandcamp)

*Which I enjoy massively, but still – Mutek only comes once a year guys and half the crowd is made up of tourists on their way to DEMF. It’d be nice that in addition to covering legit, government-sponsored events, someone came by to hear what we’ve got going on the rest of the time.

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