October 9, 2012

Gunplay is an unintentional and intentional marketing genius. He’s entered a Hunter S. Thompson level of drug-fueled absurdity and assault. The realm where music and the myth blend into one delirious bender. Look at this picture above. It is the definition of gonzo — holding a pistol to the agape mouth of a rapidly dying bass. The lip syncing coke-rattling in-studio performances? Those are all a conscious attempt to build buzz. And they are perfect.

Then there is the unintentional. While there are presumably cheap chuckles when Gunplay goes gonzo and fires off a round into a wilderness abode deep in the mountains surrounding Aspen (MMG Ski getaway, obviously). They tend not to find these things funny in inner cities where crime rates are sky high. So Don Logan is reporting to the slammer to serve time for an outstanding warrant for armed robbery and assault. If I were a betting man like my great grandfather, I would wager that his sentence will be longer than the barrel of his gun. Southern judges don’t tend to look fondly on rappers named after serious felonies and we have obviously learned nothing from C-Murder. Especially those that get into on-camera brawls at the BET Awards.

What this means is that the Internet’s new favorite mildly psychotic son is out of commission for the near future. This is a great loss and fulfills the egregious quotient of at least one great Southern rapper getting locked up each year. At least, Boosie will get out sometime soon. Before heading to some iron Erebus deep in the Miami slums, Gunplay did more wildebeest raps on the appropriately titled “Rap Sheet” and the MMG remix of “Clique,” from Rick Ross’ awful new mixtape.

I’m also posting a track that HL Lattisaw Tapes posted of Gunplay in his Triple C’s days when we were all sleeping. This is a sad day. Tonight we will mourn the loss of Gunplay by snorting mountains of cocaine and feasting on the finest seabass.

MP3: Rick Ross ft. Rockie Fresh & Gunplay – “Clique” (Left-Click)
MP3: Gunplay -“Welcome to the Jungle”

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