October 11, 2012

Listen to Deen. He knows what he’s talking about.

I’m writing about this Rochelle Jordan video for two reasons. First, I’m pretty sure that enough of you chose to ignore me when I granted her project, Pressure, the official Mobbdeen stamp of approval a little while ago. How do I know this? Well, my brother lives on my couch, eats my food, reads this blog and still hasn’t “gotten around to listening to it because he’s busy” and if any of you are like him, then I imagine you have similar excuses. And given that I’m not paying your rent, your excuses are probably shittier than his.

The second reason I’m writing this shit is because Miss Jordan humors me on the Twitter. Yeah, I said it. I think I’ve made it pretty obvious during my stint here that I don’t really care what you muthafuckas think of me. I have my favorites and I play booster shamelessly – once I’ve decided that they’re great. So basically, if you’re working your way up to the top in music and you want me to write things about you (I can’t promise they’ll be flattering), follow me on twitter and pretend I’m funny when I crack recycled jokes about that day’s trending topics. Throw in an emoticon and I’m all yours.* There’s a catch though: all of that shit only works if you’re actually TALENTED. Rochelle Jordan is talented. You only have to listen to find out.

Since the last time I talked about Pressure, there have been a few more R&B releases, the most prominent of which is Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream. For my scant money, I’m still taking Miss Jordan’s project over Kaleidoscope, despite all the acclaim the latter is receiving at the moment (quick tangent: go check out Miguel’s performance on Letterman the other night. He killed it). I ain’t shitting on Miguel’s effort, but Pressure hasn’t left the rotation since I accidentally stumbled on it and played it on a whim while sitting through an airport delay. I can’t say the same for Kaleidoscope Dream.

So here we are with a new video for “Shotgun,” which just reminded me to remind you to go listen to ‘PRESSURE’. That and her chuckling at me on the Twitters. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the video also reminded me to go watch A Perfect Circle’s “Weak & Powerless” video for some random reason. I’m not complaining or anything. I think you’ll get it if you watch them back to back.

I’ll stop now. I was going to get into an in-depth fake-deep analysis of both videos, but I either creeped myself out or that “Weak & Powerless” video did it for the umpteenth time. Thankfully, I can just go cheer myself up by listening to Pressure again. Or at least, avoid any Tool or A Perfect Circle albums until you’re sure you’re in a better mood.

* – Don’t tweet me. I’m serious bro. If you must, don’t fucking send me a fucking emoticon or emoji or whatever. I don’t play that shit.



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