Deen is watching this and eating potcorn.

“I take summers off ‘cos I love winter beef…” – NasGawd.

Before I get into the details of this fake-real WWE shit, let me provide a bit of context for my disgusting enthusiasm and blood-thirst. If you know enough about me, you’ll know that my favorite kinds of rap are the more socially irresponsible strains of the music. I’m a bit of a hipster in that sense. However, I happen to favor more skilled and in-depth expressions of social irresponsibility over randomly nihilistic ranting over loud production – even though I mostly like that shit too. In other words, I love that mid-90s mafioso/street-rap blend that rappers like Nas, Jay, Rae, Ghost, Big and many others mastered, with straight up Gangsta Rap/G-Funk running a close second.

But it just occurred to me that I could have summed that up in one sentence: Gangsta Gibbs is pretty much my favorite rapper working today. Draw any conclusions you want from that – I don’t care to correct you. Basically, I approve of aggressive content. *Shrug*

So there’s a lot to cover and I can’t imagine I’ll catch all of it, but I’m willing to try because I love you all so much. Let’s just say it must be unseasonably cold in Atlanta this fall.

The starting point for this latest mess has to be the Jeezy v. Rawse encounter at the BET Awards. Apparently, folks got shoved, mirrors got broken and some DJs calmly walked by while others tweeted excitedly.

Undercard at the BET Awards was Gunplay getting rag-dolled by G-Unit, before making an admirable Ultimate Warrior-esque recovery and getting pepper sprayed.

Hilariously enough, 50 Cent went bowling the other day. With an MMG chain. I’m assuming he didn’t get that from Rawse. Presumably, 50 didn’t have his jeweler make an MMG pendant for him.

I imagine Rawse doesn’t intend to get that jewelry back. After all, the man that lost the shit is cooling his heels in jail right now and might be gone for a long minute (we miss you, Shampoo Gunplay!)

But back to the main event from the BET Awards – the folks at Power 105.1 were carrying out their “journalistic” duties during an interview with the one and only Gucci La Flare (while trying not to shit their pants) and brought up the Jeezy/Rawse skirmish.

Gucci noted (and rightly so, in my opinion) that he has no respect for Jeezy given their past (deaded?) issues (just google “jeezy gucci beef” for a brief summary). After all, the latter basically green-lit the former during a series of pretty entertaining disses which resulted in Gucci killing someone in self-defense while the “victim” was attempting to claim a bounty.

I thought that was fair. Personally, I wouldn’t fuck with anyone who kinda perhaps openly tried to maybe get me killed. Then Gucci got a little more entertaining. After all, he has a new mixtape to promote. In addition to not respecting Jeezy, he issues a challenge of sorts by noting that he recently attended a Jeezy/T.I. party at which NOTHING happened to him.
Gucci also says some other shit about the Waka v Slick Pulla undercard. That’s hilarious too.

Jeezy was on radio in LA the next and in a nutshell, he pretty much says he’s going to ignore Gucci because (and I’m paraphrasing) “everyone knows that boy retarded… he’s nutty buddy… he has an ice-cream cone tattooed on his face.”

But now, this. Whoa. Body blows.

Listen (or read) y’all. I just like aggressive content and rap has always been a competitive sport, no matter what anyone claims or how effete the music has sounded post-Kanye. Ideally, no one gets hurt beyond a well-choreographed Michael Flatley style stomping, but I’m not naive enough to think worse can’t happen. It already has.

Nonetheless, I won’t apologize for being entertained by overly aggressive shit-talking. Shiiiiiiiet, it’s the only reason I still go to the barbershop. I can cut my own damn hair. If it takes Gucci Mane poppin off indiscriminately and accurately at any and everyone (even R&B singers are catching strays – SMHLOLFFSOMG) to force gangsta rap back in vogue, then I’m all for it.

OK. That was a boldfaced lie. I’m too old for that shit. Or more accurately, I ain’t dumb enough to be adequately entertained by this anymore.

Ultimately (and it hurts a bit to type this), I’d suggest that Jeezy just ignore the heavy body blows Gucci has thrown in direction and keep it moving. I understand that means my Winter of Ether won’t come to fruition, but I’m not sure I could live with myself if someone else lost their life over this beef. The fact of the matter is that Gucci kinda missed his moment and he seems to want to do anything to get a buzz back, including throwing shots at T.I. of all people. T.I. is essentially Bill Cosby these days and he didn’t do a damn thing to anyone. Gucci’s new mixtape will drop on 10/17. We’ll listen to it, we’ll laugh a bit, we’ll bay for blood and responses, we’ll move on by next week. Simple as.

It’s also low-key pathetic to see some of the lesser/upcoming ATL rappers hitch their fortunes to Gucci’s bandwagon, even though folks like T.I. and Jeezy have given them their best looks till date. Here’s a suggestion: if you think Jeezy and T.I are blocking your paths to stardom, then go back to the studio and make some heaters instead of getting on this path of destruction Gucci is plowing.

What I’m trying to say is that I’d be all for this shit getting set off again, but for the fact that someone already died over this shit and one party has absolutely nothing to lose, while the other is making decent/adult moves in 2012. Call me inconsistent. I don’t care. This shit is only fun for non-idiots when all parties involved keep it on wax or at the very least, keep bullets out of it. That ship sailed a while ago. The distinction between rap beef and real beef is waaaaaaay too fuzzy in this case, so yeah, I’mma go ahead and calm myself down. I’d suggest you do the same.

I think just managed to do all that without typing the word “Trap” once. I deserve a fucking medal or some new pussy for that. You’re all welcome. BURR!


MP3: Young Jeezy – “Get Right” (Left-Click)

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