October 17, 2012

I am a sucker for when the horns rain down with the same soul salutes that have been cracking since the days of Sam & Dave. The Menahan Street Band make marvels out of  styles long since static. There are no questions left unanswered by their music. They are throwbacks in both sound and the idea that you only need to do one thing if you do it very well.

The Soundcloud blurb that accompanies their new single “Lights Out,”  allegedly “conjures images of hard-fighting pugilists battling it out under a bare bulb, of a matador’s graceful execution of a lumbering bull, of sweat, romance and victory.” Other potential uses include “political walk-off music after a debate win,” jai alai coronation music, and Don Draper stumbles into the wrong part of town, lights up the wrong kind of cigarette, but manages to have the right kind of time.

Below the jump, I’m also posting “The Crossing” from Menahan’s new album of the same title. Menahan mastermind, Thomas Brenneck described the song as   “music to an unreleased Sergio Leone western starring the Wu Tang set in 1992.” So, approved. Protect your sciarpa.

Download: (Via Rolling Stone)
Menahan Street Band-“The Crossing


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