October 18, 2012

Son Raw
prefers biking.

I’m not suggesting that New York should adopt Billboard, as its new anthem. I’m just saying Scottish producer and LuckyMe affiliate S-Type’s instrumental take on Southern Hip-Hop kicks Empire State of Mind’s ass across the BQE and maybe (just maybe) Jeter wouldn’t be fanuting his ankle back together right now if he’d walked out to a track this epic. That’s saying a lot considering how quickly the boom/bust cycle of current genre-making turned “Trap” from an exciting idea to slightly-faster-than-average-moombaton. Suburban kids clearly can’t be trusted with anything.

This black and white video of an unknown jogger in Central Park initially seems out of place for a tune this colorful but frankly, nothing says epic quite like Olmsted’s greatest creation and 808 snare rolls. Big Boi, Jeezy, Luda, Jay and any other rapper in need of Tyrannosaurus-Rex sized beats take note: Hud Mo’s not the only one with beats up in the land of fried Mars bars.

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