October 22, 2012

Son Raw is all about exploitation

If Action Broski doesn’t make it as a rapper (which incidentally would be a crime against music), he can always star in Robert Rodriguez flicks from now until infinity. From acrobatic assaults on tables worthy of the original Bam Bam, to corrective measures delivered to pimps, hoes, gangsters and everyone else in his general vicinity, Bronson delivers a visual spectacle worthy of his outsized personality – proving Vice records made a smart investment. Name one other rapper who’ll shoot a double barrel through your chest while rocking a Santa Suit? As for the music, it’s fine vintage: Alchemist has been displaying an affinity for guitar loops recently and this one’s a particularly funky slice of vintage blues-rock re-purposed into modern boom-bap. Meanwhile the raps are a structured expansion of the wax-powered stream-of-consciousness he dropped on Blue Chips. Symbol: 1 Everybody else: zero.

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