October 26, 2012

Tosten Burks rolls that cabbage like an egg roll.

This is the collaboration no one was anxiously waiting for, but should have been. The shiny chrome Block Beattaz production and the effortless, measured, playful DaVinci arrogance give each other what both have been missing all along. For Huntsville’s go-to duo: a gruff, hardened voice to menace up the music enough to sound like it actually comes from Huntsville; for one of classic gangster rap’s most impressive emerging voices: the touch of sonic accessibility he needs to actually emerge in a time when classical gangster rap doesn’t really emerge anymore. We’ve stumbled on the one time more slaps and high-hats are the answer.

Mostly, this is just a reminder that The MOEna Lisa, DaVinci’s November 6th follow up to 2011 standout Feast or Famine is and should be one of the most anticipated records left to drop this year. Reloaded might drop (and bruise) my jaw more, but come Thanksgiving, I have a feeling DaVinci will have racked up more spins. Freddie Gibbs isn’t the only one keeping this art alive.


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