Mean Streets: Action Bronson, Harry Fraud, and French Montana Give the Hard Sell

Vote Slava P for Assistant Bailiff in the 343rd Municipal District of Lower Manhattan. If there’s anything I learned this year, it’s that Toyota would love for all of you hip urban youth...
By    November 6, 2012

Vote Slava P for Assistant Bailiff in the 343rd Municipal District of Lower Manhattan.

If there’s anything I learned this year, it’s that Toyota would love for all of you hip urban youth out there to buy a Scion. How else do you explain them releasing both a Fool’s Gold mixtape and a music video for The Human LOL (Danny Brown) earlier this year — and now this Harry/French/Bronson collabo? You have to give Toyota credit, they seem to “get” it. American car companies will never flourish as long as they keep thinking that the modern American youth “listens to Wale with Beats headphones,” presumably while mourning the loss of their close friend who just died in a car accident because Ford put a bluetooth sensor where the airbag used to be.

“Mean” works because everyone makes the best possible use of their talents: Harry Fraud splices intergalactic organ chimes with playful drum-kicks, Action Bronson drops Demolition Man seashell references, and French Montana essentially ad-libs an entire chorus. If this pairing had come together organically, it would be impressive. However, knowing that each of these artist’s most likely fanuted themselves into a Scion bS shortly after finishing their verse and exiting the booth does take something away from this song — at least for me.

Style over substance seems to be the theme here, but when you’re simply trying to sell a car, do you need much else?

MP3: Harry Fraud ft. Action Bronson & French Montana – “Mean”

ZIP: Ciggaveli Presents: The Harry Fraud Files — An Anthology Volume 1
ZIP: Ciggaveli Presents: The Harry Fraud Files — An Anthology Volume 2

Volume 1
1 Playing In The Wind (ft. French Montana)
2 Its On Us (ft. Young Riot)
3 Low (ft. The Kid Daytona)
4 Dopeman (ft. French Montana)
5 Wrong Side of the Tracks (ft. Various from BLESTeNATION)
6 The New Regime (ft. Steve Frawst)
7 Get It How You Live (ft. Lil Cease, Snip, Scar, Bristal, Madd Rick & Cheeze)
8 Slow Down Playboy (ft. Eddie B & Shabaam Sahdeeq)
9 I Think I Love Her (ft. French Montana)
10 Black Sheep (ft. Maffew Ragazino)
11 Muzzle The Nose (Ill Bill & Steven King)
12 Heavy Bars (ft. Eddie B)
13 2090 (So Grimmy) (ft. Vast Aire & Double A.B.)
14 Wake Up (ft. Trae The Truth & French Montana)
15 Ready To Go (ft. French Montana)
16 Stylin’ On You (ft. French Montana, Chinx Drugz & Flip)

Volume 2
1 Super Light (ft. Chinx Drugz)
2 Cocaine Mafia (ft. French Montana & Trae Tha Truth)
3 Double It Twice (ft. Agallah)
4 If You Scared (ft. Lil Cease & M. Reck)
5 Go Hard (ft. French Montana)
6 Watchin Me (ft. Eddie B)
7 A New Light (ft. Talent Couture)
8 Polamalu (ft. D-Rep)
9 Make It Bounce (ft. Star Bred, Coupe & Plenty Barz)
10 The People’s Champions (ft. Awkword, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Punchline & Beretta 9)
11 Smoke Alarms (ft. Steve Frawst)
12 Bobble (ft. Various from BLESTeNATION)
13 Red Light (ft. French Montana, Chinx Drugz & Cheeze)
14 Jackson Pollock (ft. Maffew Ragazino & Das Racist)
15 How I Roll (ft. John Sparks)
16 Let’s Get Back (ft. CoolR The Don)
17 Everything All Good (ft. Fine$$e)
18 Ya Mean (ft. French Montana & Uncle Murda)

Volume 3
1 Snapshot (ft. Haze)
2 Jar Of Drugs (ft. Action Bronson).
3 Middle Fingers Up (ft. French Montana, Chinx Drugz, Flip & Charlie YG)
4 Addiction (ft. Star Bred, MDM & Bently B)
5 How It Is (ft. Lil Cease)
6 Respect (ft. Steve Frawst, GOD Pt. III & Maffew Ragazino)
7 Take Everything (ft. Steve Frawst, Sean Price & Steven King)
8 Posted Up (ft. Chinx Drugz & French Montana)
9 The Plot Thickens (ft. Grafh & Chinx Drugz)
10 New Jack (ft. Smoke DZA)
11 We the Streetz (Luca Brasi & Veedo Rich)
12 Bonnie (ft. Blues Bros.)
13 Yall Actin Funny (ft. Blues Bros.)
14 DWI (ft. Various from BLESTeNATION)
15 Good As Gone (ft. Eddie B)
16 Cold Outside (ft. St. Laz & Rahsun)

Volume 4
1 New York Minute (ft. French Montana & Jadakiss)
2 Talk To Me (ft. Chinx Drugz)
3 I’m Good (ft. Arlis Michaels)
4 All I Want (ft. Steven King)
5 Brainstorm (ft. Various from BLESTeNATION & M.C.E.O.)
6 Mile Away (ft. Chinx Drugz)
7 Kill Them All (ft. Dame Grease)
8 Good Morning (ft. Chinx Drugz)
9 So Lethal (ft. Blues Bros.)
10 The Rush (ft. French Montana & S.A.S.)
11 Pour Me Up (ft. Chad B)
12 Be Free (ft. Lumidee)
13 Y’all Still Actin Funny (ft. Blues Bros.)
14 What They Askin Foe (ft. Chinx Drugz)
15 How Many Ways (ft. Various from BLESTeNATION)
16 Every Time (ft. Chinx Drugz)
17 Coming Home (ft. Eddie B)
18 Roll With Me (ft. French Montana & Chinx Drugz)

Volume 5
1 Million Dollar Dreams (ft. Boogz Boogetz)
2 Bring ‘Em Down (ft. Steve Frawst)
3 Now or Never (ft. Chinx Drugz)
4 Whatchu Need Street (ft. Cheeze)
5 Soul Food (ft. French Montana & Cheeze)
6 Tap That (ft. Chinx Drugz & Stack Bundles)
7 I’m Good (ft. Veedo Rich)
8 Crack Da Top (ft. French Montana & Cheeze)
9 How that Sound Part 2 (Intro) (ft. Heat Scalese)
10 Yamaha (ft. The Kennedy Connection)
11 The Undertow (ft. Various from BLESTeNATION)
12 Everybody Know (ft. Steve Frawst, French Montana & Ransom)
13 Goodnight (ft. Various from BLESTeNATION)
14 Profilin’ (Remix) (ft. Dame Grease, Max B, Vast Aire, Haze & Meeno)
15 Run NY (ft. French Montana)
16 Labor Day (ft. Chinx Drugz)

Volume 6
1 Do It (ft. French Montana, Juicy J & Project Pat)
2 Let’s Go (ft. Steve Frawst & G. Dep)
3 Green Light (ft. Chinx Drugz, Cheeze, Flip & Droop Pop)
4 This Is The End (ft. Blues Bros.)
5 Tell Me When (ft. French Montana, Cheeze & Charlie Rock)
6 On My Way 2 The Money (ft. Star Bred, Plenty Barz & MDM)
7 Stacks (ft. Blues Bros.)
8 Money Calling (ft. Luca Brasi)
9 Fast Break (ft. Star Bred, Swaggy & MDM)
10 Back To Da Wall (ft. Chinx Drugz & French Montana)
11 Which Bad ***** (ft. Boogz Boogetz & Big Hood Boss)
12 Put Em Down (ft. Kali)
13 In 4 The Kill (ft. French Montana, Chinx Drugz & Cheeze)
14 Calling My Name (ft. Lil Cease, Cheeze, Bristal & D Shaun)
15 Say A Prayer (ft. Lil Cease, Cardan, Chinx Drugz, Meeno & Bristal)
16 Hustle (ft. Lil Cease & Apaulo Treed)

Volume 7
1 Casino Life (Intro) (ft. French Montana)
2 On the Rise (ft. Star Bred, MDM, Coupe & Swaggy)
3 Had It All (ft. Chinx Drugz & French Montana)
4 I Don’t Know (Black Rob, Peedi Crakk & Lil Cease)
5 Intro (ft. Star Bred)
6 The Jux (ft. Young Snip, Skar & Steven King)
7 Dont Try It (ft. Eddie B, Sean Price & Maffew Ragazino)
8 Lie To Me (ft. French Montana, Chinx Drugz & Flip)
9 Finsh Line (ft. Chinx Drugz)
10 You Belong To Me (ft. French Montana & Cheese)
11 Tunnel Vision (ft. French Montana, Chinx Drugz & Cheeze)
12 Money Goin (ft. Chinx Drugz)
13 Why So Serious (ft. French Montana)
14 Scummy Pimp (ft. Various from BLESTeNATION)
15 Bars & Hooks (Keep It Moving) (ft. Awkword, Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare)
16 Rainy Daze (ft. Awkword)
17 Stay High (ft. Jamballaz)

Volume 8
1 Better Days (ft. Star Bred, Swaggy, Trav, Boogz Boogetz & Louie V)
2 Hammer Long (ft. French Montana, Cheeze & Chinx Drugz)
3 Money Money Money (ft. French Montana & Cheeze)
4 Intro (Jackpot) (ft. Various from BLESTeNATION)
5 Full of Everything (ft. French Montana, Juicy J & Chinx Drugz)
6 The Lufthansa Heist (ft. NeakO & Young Jab)
7 Raw (ft. Riichy Roc)
8 Why You So Mad (ft. Blues Bros.)
9 Dope Boy Sway (ft. Star Bred, Coupe, Swaggy, Shoofmoney, MDM & Bently B)
10 Shot Caller (ft. French Montana & Charlie Rock)
11 Stoner’s Night Part 2 (ft. Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa)
12 Own Man (ft. Lil Cease & Chinx Drugz)
13 Two At A Time (ft. Star Bred, Swaggy, Plenty barz, Shoof & Hdee)
14 I Don’t Know Why (ft. Lil Cease, Cancun & M.C.E.O.)
15 Life Be A Movie (ft. French Montana)
16 Young Gully (ft. Ill Bill, Steven King, Whatzhisface & Statik Selektah)

Volume 9
1 Muslim Wedding (ft. Action Bronson)
2 Dope Bred (ft. Star Bred & Coupe)
3 Heat (ft. Sean Price & Apaulo Treed)
4 Get 2 The Money (Bigga Threat & Mr. Burns)
5 OWO (ft. Star Bred, Smallz & Swaggy)
6 Win or Lose (ft. Star Bred & Plenty Barz)
7 Live Forever (ft. Chinx Drugz & Cheese)
8 Check (for 4) (ft. Various from BLESTeNATION)
9 Stop It (ft. Eddie B & Sean Price)
10 Lay Low (ft. Prodigy & French Montana)
11 I Give It Up (ft. M. Reck)
12 Quite This Way (ft. Dru Barells)
13 Bird on a Wire (ft. Action Bronson & Riff Raff)
14 The Man (ft. Nae Davis)
15 Loyalty Nothing Less (ft. Peso Harlem)
16 It’s Just Me (ft. French Montana, Flip, Cheeze & Chinx Drugz)
17 Waiting On The Sunlight (ft. Blues Bros.)
18 Show Stopper (ft. Star Bred & Karlie Voice)
19 Ray Ban Gang (ft. Star Bred, Smallz & Bently B)
20 Blood, Sweat, & Tears (ft. Jadakiss, Chinx Drugz & D’Shaun)

Volume 10
1 Blindfolds (ft. Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J)
2 Blue Dreams (ft. Adrian Lau)
3 Utmost (ft. Lu….Rreals & Cool Calm Pete)
4 Spelunker (ft. No Question)
5 Saturn Music (ft. Dame Grease, Lil B & LaLa)
6 Gunsmoke (ft. No Question)
7 Phenom (ft. Vast Aire)
8 Wayne’s World (ft. No Question)
9 Final Fantasy (ft. No Question)
10 Gremlins 2 (ft. No Question)
11 Brooklyn Interlude (ft. Bean)
12 Aluminum Rap (ft. Bean)
13 Smurf With A Flu (ft. Bean)
14 Kenny Powers (ft. Smoke DZA)

Volume 11
1 Deep In The Game (ft. Fat Trel)
2 Welcome to Ruff You Up (ft. Bean & Werdplay)
3 Blind (ft. Bean)
4 Cool Whip (ft. Charlie Rock & Cheeze)
5 Katie (ft. Bean)
6 Verteran’s Day (ft. Bean)
7 Hey I Heard You Bought My Album (ft. Bean)
8 Can You Remember? (ft. Bean, Various of BLESTeNATION), Al the Great, Illsubry & Brian Damage)
9 We Stole Your Keg (ft. Bean & Fillsbury)
10 Tap That (ft. French Montana, Chinx Drugz & Stack Bundles)
11 Greedy (ft. Bigga Threat, Chinx Drugz & Brock)
12 The Ballad of Hoody Allen (ft. Bean)
13 Spring Cleaning (ft. Bean)
14 Hoedown (ft. Bean & Josama)
15 Man In The Middle (ft. Bean)

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