November 9, 2012

Son Raw is the Michelangelo of this Trap-Rave shit.

Up is down, down is up, clothing labels release more music than record labels and it’s perfectly acceptable to mash together 90s piano house and southern rap drum patterns. As 2012 comes to a close, it’s clear the single best strategy to continue enjoying new music is to abandon any previous preconceptions of what works and what doesn’t and hang on for dear life. Another useful strategy: look to Scotland. Mere weeks after S-Type detonated the dance with his Billboard EP, fellow northerner Lockah comes through with a devastating free release that’s just as irony-free and high-energy.

Title track “Please Lockah, don’t hurt ’em” is the standout: this year’s Sweet Shop with the Brostep shrieking (thankfully) traded in for skittering 808s. It’s a brilliant idea, offsetting predictably dour Hip-Hop machismo with enough sugary piano runs to keep the molly-massive entertained, a strategy that makes a lot more sense than trying to out-Luger Luger. The rest of the EP is just as starry-eyed and sugary, possibly snatching the crown for most euphoric release of the year right under everyone’s noses. It all begs the question: what the hell’s going on in Scotland?


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