Shlohmo has spent the last year doing low-pro work for some of the bigger names in contemporary music. No secrets divulged, but they’ll see the light sooner than later. In the interim, one leak gushes from an unreleased remix of Little Dragon’s “Sunshine.”

Henry Laufer inverts the concept, taking sunshine into the watery abyss. There is no beat that he can’t turn 20,000 leagues beneath, desperate for oxygen, liquid-lunged. This twists bright synth-pop into something that sounds like a great early 90s Prince ballad. Or maybe scuba diving for rusting gems in Atlantis. Not the Azealia Banks or Bahamian version, but the classic myth of doomed civilization. Ideal for those who can turn a Snorkel into a chamber for smoke.

MP3: Little Dragon – “Sunshine” (Shlohmo Remix) (Left-Click)

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