Rap sites are slipping. Someone needs to step up and do an oral history of Supreme Clientele. I’d pitch it myself, but I imagine I’d only get paid in Duncan Hines monuments. Truthfully, I prefer Starks’ magnum opus shrouded in myth. I do not want Rap Genius to explain what a Monty Hall expo is, even if I can Google that he was the host of Let’s Make a Deal. I don’t want to know about the time that Ghost was dusted and came up with the lines “Scoopy Snack/Jurassic/plastic gas/booby trap.” I take that back. I do want to know. Why must I be so conflicted?

“Mighty Healthy” was the first dart from the record — released in late ’98 as a street single, shortly before Starks took a trip up on that Riker’s bus to serve time for an incident stemming from ’95. There are many pressure points to the record. There is the stint in prison that made his slang more violent and wild. There is the trip to Africa that Ghost and RZA took that re-shaped their consciousness. There is the angel dust. There is the fact that the “Mighty Healthy” video doubled as a scene from the Bobby Digital movie. You better believe that when I interviewed RZA last month, I asked him about said movie, and squandered a good five minutes trying to convince him to release it. For the seeds.

The videographer/director, Choke No Joke has liberated a party scene from the video (via a Nah Right Wu signal). It’s a strictly fam members-only proposition, but if you want to see a young Starks and Rae, channeling Slick Rick and Dana Dane, you will want to have a good time with G-O-D.

Starks is my favorite rapper for many reasons, but much of it stems from him being my favorite writer. Is there a more quotable song ever written than “Mighty Healthy.” Why does he have a friend named Rusty? Turn nuns to Earth Whoopi. Snap out of candy land. Scissor hand vanished in the winter. You goddamn right, they fuck fans. The world can’t touch Ghost. Still hasn’t.

Oh and Happy eating dead birds day.

MP3: Ghostface Killah – “Mighty Healthy”

Ghostface Killah – Mighty Healthy by hiphopfiendnetwork

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