November 28, 2012

Son Raw is Iron Man.

I’ve probably, nay, DEFINITELY listened to Master of Reality more times this year than I have any contemporary rock music so I was sold on Geng Grizzly’s chopped and Screwed version of Sabbath from the start. It’s all there in the formula: foundational metal band’s catchiest, hookiest material made even druggier and stranger through the alchemy of Houston’s answer to dub music – what’s not to like? It’s like doom metal but fun or perhaps more accurately, classic rock skewed just enough to undermine the sonic familiarity that keeps an adventurous listener away. If you’re the type of person to explore the darker, more random moments of the Internet at 2AM with bong in hand, this is easily the soundtrack to your next soirée. If you’re a respectable member of society, this probably won’t play as background music in the cute little vegan eatery you’re managing. Load up the sweet leaf and patiently wait for the whole tape to drop on December 12th.


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