Slava P’s favorite Dalmation is Pongo.

Ambient set-up
to an album whose cover
you have to replace.

Fame means you never
need to admit what your song
titles really mean.

Bluffin feat. Berner
Precocious stunting,
features a six bar guest verse.
Talk big money, bitch.

Let It Go feat. Akon
Double time rapping
about bottles and watches.
At least Akon sings.

The Bluff feat. Cam’ron
Lack of chemistry
supplemented by creep beats.
A valiant attempt.

Work Hard, Play Hard
subject matter, but sped up!
Nice sequencing though.

Got Everything feat. Courtney Noelle
Sugary pop hit
shows that Wiz might be our day’s
mini male Minaj

Fall Asleep
Creep instrumentals
ruined by gloating from the
World’s Lightest Father

Motor mouthing off
may endear you to core fans
but won’t earn new ones.

It’s Nothin feat. 2 Chainz
Gasconade combo
on a generic trap beat.
It’s nothing. Nothing.

Rise Above feat. Pharrell, Tuki Carter & Amber Rose
Odd couplings make for
an enjoyable ride through
celebrity pains.

Initiation feat. Lola Monroe
High rolling anthem
used mostly to promote some
more Taylor cronies.

Up in It
A romantic tale
of how the future child of
fame whores was birthed forth.

No Limit
First the album name,
now this song title. Wiz shits
on 90’s rap stuff.

The Plan feat. Juicy J
In case you’ve forgot,
Wiz can do things and has cash.
Juicy can’t say no.

Remember You feat. The Weeknd
More XO than Wiz.
A solid example that
you can mix your meds.

Medicated feat. Chevy Woods & Juicy J
Grandeur illusions
that a shoe inspired group
can walk to the top.

Work Hard Play Hard by Atlantic Records

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