December 5, 2012

If you’re only going to listen to one “Love Sosa” freestyle, make it this one by KVN Gates. When I went down to Louisiana in the spring, Gates already owned the region in a way that hadn’t happened since Boosie and Wayne were at their peak. Over the last six months, he’s only been getting bigger. There is also a extraordinarily bizarre but interesting interview that I did with him in April in the Cheesecake Bistro in Baton Rouge. We talked about astral projection, Hitler, and time traveling. Maybe I will publish it one of these days. Maybe not.

Below the jump, I’m also posting my personal favorite Gates track — the “Get in the Way Remix” featuring one of Lil Boosie’s best unsung cameos. When I requested this in a cab ride with local BR Gatsby, Casey Evans, the cab driver turned to us and gave us a weird look.  I thought he was going to tell us drunken white idiots to turn it down, but instead he said, “y’all are the coolest muthafuckers I’ve ever had in this cab.” Such is the power of Lil Boosie and Gates on the same track.

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