Deen is trippy by prescription.

Whenever you read this, I can guarantee that I’ll be woozy as fuck off highpowered prescription painkillers, given that I just underwent fairly major surgery (yes, I’m good and thanks for asking.) Boring side note; yes, this pill is making me sweat. WOO!

I wrote that to write this: for a brief second, I thought Oxycontin was the best shit ever. When this tumbled across my twitter timeline, I had just popped my 4th or 5th pill of the day (who’s counting anyway?). In between random lapses into unconsciousness, I was watching a pretty ass snowbunny GO IN on Chief Keef’s ‘Love Sosa’. Well damn. Damn to the third power!

I’d suggest that the ultimate sign of cross cultural/mainstream penetration for a rap song is when it gets an acoustic cover – ironic or otherwise. Loosely speaking, the subject matter and grimness of “Love Sosa” means that it never struck me as a candidate for such a sincere interpretation. My Oxycontin-fueled confusion and surprise is even more heightened by the source of the cover. Miss America here is probably one of the last 5 people I’d expect to cover a Chief Keef song – no matter how many niggas she has on her dick jacket. Shiiiiiiiiet, that old lady that kinda didn’t know who Jay-Z was on the subway seems like a more likely candidate to cover a Chief Keef song.

Then again, this is probably just the Oxy typing. Given my experiences with a variety of snowbunnies, I really shouldn’t be surprised by this awesome moment in post-racial Americanness. This – proof of Love Sosa’s increasing omnipresence – is largely a good thing. I’d offer unqualified kudos, but we all know that there’s no way this woman’s vagina is clean if she listens to and covers Chief Keef songs. No way.

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