Dub remix records are never “necessary.” However, there is a small but dedicated group of dub lovers (read: weedheads), who love this shit. Namely, myself, Son Raw, and Alex Steady Bloggin.  Earlier this year, Peaking Lights dropped one of the year’s best records in Lucifer, a kodachrome jungle cruise that was already drunk on Red Stripe and savage Sinsemilla. So there wasn’t much need to make it more dubbed out. But I do not believe in such limitations. It’s like Nigel Tufnel turning the amp up to 11. Why not increase the volume? Besides, weed is an enhancer drug.

Peaking Lights’ Lucifer in Dub might be strictly fam members only, but I’m cool with being in the minority. After all, dub is really just the Jamaican precursor to chopping and screwing something. So I don’t even need to tell you what the proper accessory is to listening to “Beautiful Dub.” I’m not in the process of giving away free grams — even around Christmas time. But I will throw in a track from The Mad Professor and Massive Attack’s No Protection, always and forever the sour diesel standard for dub remix records.

MP3: Peaking Lights – Lucifer in Dub (Left-Click)
MP3: Mad Professor & Massive Attack – “Bumper Ball Dub [Karmacoma]

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