Evan Nabavian slapped a cop once a la Zsa Zsa Gabor.

If Petrarch were born 600 years later and had DJ Fresh beats, he would be E-40 on “Pussy Got Slap”, leading the charge on a posse cut where the central conceit is that the pussy has– well, yeah. For those less conversant with Bay Area rap (me), DJ Fresh is the guy who recently produced the best track on Baby Face Killa. If you dig deeper, you’ll find that “Pussy Got Slap” comes from an accomplished producer who has been busy developing a homegrown sound.

DJ Fresh usually pairs West Coast tropes with an experimental element, be it exotic drums or an unexpected sample. “Slap” has synths for riding and knock for the club, so it’s not hard to mistake it for a Neptunes track. E-40 was born to spit the R-rated hook, enunciating every dirty syllable. Freddie Gibbs, the out of towner on the track, pays his respects with conviction and enthusiasm. Cousin Fik is competent. “Pussy Got Slap” rounds out Fik and Fresh’s new album The Tonite Show and is easily the high point, making it one of my three favorite songs explicitly about pussy this year.


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