The first thing that popped into my mind when I heard Bago’s “Dr. Lock” was Erykah Badu. But that’s probably my fault because every vaguely soulful female singer I’ve heard over the last few years has reminded me of Badu. To be fair, I think she has supplanted Lauryn Hill as the one whom everyone wants to emulate.

Then I kept listened to LA-based Bago and realized that the comparisons were almost totally unfounded. I hear more of the Etta’s in her vocals (James & Jones). I hear a little Amy Winehouse. Alexander Spit handles the production give it a hip-hop grit. But it’s more than the sum of its influences. I hear a rare freeze-you-in-your-tracks voice that could be around for a very long time. Her tagline is perfect: music for the screwed, blued, and tattooed. Nothing more needs to be said.

A bunch of free downloads below the jump. Get them now before she signs to a label and they magically disappear.

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