December 12, 2012

I have repeatedly warned myself not to let Passion of the Weiss turn into a Dam-Funk fansite, but Damon Riddick continues to ruin that pledge. I remember once watching a Behind the Scenes look at Seinfeld and Jerry and Larry David governed their show by only one principle: is this funny? If it was funny, it made it. If not, it got cut. I try to abide by similar similar rules. Is this funky? Is this something I would want to listen to or is this some industry-sanctioned fuckery that will be obsolete in two seasons.

Dam-Funk aims for timelessness and there is no doubt in my mind that he is funky. So he continues to make the short list of artists who receive automatic posts (see also: Gibbs, Kendrick, Roc Marci, Gunplay, Grizzly Bear, Four Tet, Burial Ariel Pink, several others I’m forgetting.)  Two days ago, Dam posted some preview tracks from his new album. He has since removed them. As an unnecessary but welcome thank you to the fans, he’s made “Destination: Known” available for free download, a sprawling 14 minute glide that couldn’t fit due to length on 2009’s Toeachizown. It’s below. Stay tuned for a 2012 Best of Dam-Funk compilation coming soon.  In related Stones Throw news, Peanut Butter Wolf is spinning live right now on The Boiler Room.  In advance of this 12/12/12 extravaganza, I spoke with him about the 12 Favorite 12″ records he bought when was 12 years old. Four words: Jonzun Crew 4 Life.

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