I originally wanted to do an episode on Chief Keef and Trinidad James and how they are the two names that  suck up all the oxygen in the rap room. This month’s edition. Instead, Nocando pointed out that they are products of a post-based society. He is probably right. Whether you love or hate Lil B (I like roughly five songs — could live without the rest), there’s no denying that he is very well the most influential Internet rapper of the last few years. Ironically, I like the people that he’s influenced more than his actual music. Maybe that means that I am not “avant garde” enough. Maybe that just means I like rappers who are focused and consistently care about rapping well (No Defari).  Maybe I am just not based. Then again, on this episode of Shots Fired, I did not focus on the negative.

The episode description is below the jump, along with the MP3. Guests include the luminary Speak, he of the luminescent hair. Plus, his based consiglieres, Westside Ty and Young Corey. It is very legendary but not very rare.

“LA based rapper Speak, Westside Ty, and Young Corey join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss today for a very rare discussion about the Based God himself, Lil B. The guys talk about how he has influenced a number of rappers including Soulja Boy, Riff Raff, SpaceGhostPurrp, Kreayshawn, Odd Future, and Trinidad Jame$. Plus, they talk about why it’s hard to hate on Lil B, give their definitions of based & based freestyles, and explain what the task force & bitch mob are. TYBG.”

MP3: Shots Fired Episode 10 — The Post-Based Episode w/ guests Speak, Westside Ty, and Young Corey

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