January 7, 2013

Slava P rolled that blunt for Justin Bieber.

Yes, there are people remaining on this world who don’t know the meaning of the world “ratchet –” and Avatar Darko and Nacho Picasso are looking to change that with “Ratchet As Hell’ (RAH).” Rapping over a dripping, slow-downed Slegdren & Cardo beat, Avatar Darko, the “scumbag Russian” by way of Seattle, breaks down exactly what being ratchet means and why he’s better at it than you. It’s not buzzword, it’s a way of life. This is the first single of Avatar’s Soviet Goonion 2 mixtape dropping shortly, and seems to be indicative of the fact that Darko is veering away from the introspective emo raps and driving head on towards what’s popular now (see lyrics: “pop my burner I’m flexing, woo!”)

But Nacho Picasso steals the show with a verse that’s just over a minute long and manages to make both casting couch and Christopher Nolan references sound equally ratchet. It’s needlessly offensive, but it’s just what I like to see coming out of Seattle ever since their chief influence on hip-hop became Macklemore.


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