January 7, 2013

Eight months ago, Serengeti sent me a file of untagged songs that he had recorded in Berlin. He gave little info more other than it was his German record and you can hear that in the Bavarian bells that sound like something out of a Pantha Du Prince song. But this isn’t minimal techno — it’s more in the vein of late-period Beck, except better. Open Mike Eagle swears that the German record is his favorite thing that Geti has ever done and if I don’t altogether agree, I can’t altogether argue. It’s been given the title Saal and will see release on Graveface Records on Feb. 12

When weird rap is the new marketing strategy, Geti exists in an entirely alternate orbit. It’s not quite folk, not quite rap, not quite indie rock, not quite mumble-core. But it’s haunting in the way of unfamiliar nightmares that you can’t quite remember when you wake up. The seasons change, but this isn’t The Byrds. White denim raver clothes and bad films by Glenn Close. Turning into shards of clay. Serengeti hasn’t had the perfect time yet, but I will keep betting on him.

Via Grandgood

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