Deen owns a Duke soccer jersey signed by Petey Pablo

If you can deal with the somewhat awkward… erm… stuff going on this new Peedi Crakk single, then you’ll have yourself one hella of a single. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed this way too much, given how vaguely pauseworthy this entire shit is. (It’s called “Fuck ‘Em First). Then again, it ain’t nearly as bad as that bullshit ass song Juelz Santana dropped the other day. The hook on that piece of shit suggests that Rick Rawse not only sees himself as 80 different kingpins he’s not, but also sees himself as some sort of large breasted-cypher of fluid sexuality. Chanting about “Soft” n’shit,” like some sorta assclown. If Rawse offers refunds, Juelz should look into asking for one.

Back to Peedi’s awkwardly awesome effort. This single from his upcoming CF5: The Cocaine Edition mixtape is a decent reintroduction to the insanity that is Peedi Crakk rapping. I’m fairly certain that he hasn’t dropped any new material since 2011’s Crakk Files Vol. 4 – which I enjoyed – and I’m hoping that he actually plans to sustain the effort this year. It’s nice to hear hit-worthy music outta Philly that doesn’t involve whiny yelling or repeated mentions of Audemars Watches and Porsche Panameras. That shit got old pretty quick. This is one of the rare instances where deploying those yelpy ass claps hasn’t immediately annoyed me and like most Philly rappers, Peedi can always be counted on to bring the energy, and in this instance, pause-worthy vulgarity.

I just hope Peedi’s efforts ain’t in vain. After all, there’s a strong chance that Jigga may have blackballed Peedi’s entire existence after the nigga got fairly disrespectful towards the camel. If I’m not mistaken, still the only ex-Roc/State Prop cat that has talked reckless about Jay without apologizing for that shit. But that’s how my light skinted brethren get down. Hopefully, Jay’s too busy being worried about all of us lusting after the mother of his child to notice this and indulge his famed vindictive streak…


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