January 15, 2013

My brain had to be hover-craft converted to Future. In this Marty McFly in 2015 scenario, Big Rube plays Goldie Wilson III. While Mike Will Made It is the production equivalent of Gray’s Sports Almanac. He has all the answers.

It took a minute for Future’s aesthetic to really come into clear vision. After “Tony Montana” and “Racks,” he might have faded into a slightly more memorable version of Ron Browz. But that would have ignored the Dungeon Family pedigree and an ability to wring emotion out of auto-tune that should ostensibly be impossible. A lot of writers have pegged him as avant-garde, but I don’t know if that’s an accurate assessment. He’s clearly post-808s & Heartbreak, post “Lollipop,” and post-Drake. But just like Dam-Funk taking the funk in his name, Future’s style is fitting. He’s conventional in his experimentation, but his music sounds like the future to people who like music that sounds like the future. And it sounds like unintelligible noise to your dad. But even your dad would be impressed by “Same Damn Time,” the greatest song ever devoted to multi-tasking.

The song that really sold me on Nayvadius Cash was “Space Cadets.” You don’t necessarily listen to Future for the lyrics, although a song like “You Deserve It” or “Turn on the Lights” is far more poignant than anything The Weeknd ever wrote. You listen because the man is pure melody (and a savant at writing hooks). No one has ever written better sad soundtracks for strippers to twerk to. His greatest gift might be the ability to construct an entire world unto itself. His new FBG: The Movie mixtape features cameos from Drake, Wayne, Busta Rhymes, and Wale, but they all feel like they’re stepping into Future’s Pleasure Palace.

It’s theoretically a mixtape devoted to introducing his Free Bands crew, but the mood is as low-lit and kush-scented as the album. This is not the Tarantino/Singleton/Hughes Brothers fusion of Kendrick Lamar’s movie. Future is writing the soundtrack to an art film funded by Biff Tannen. There is a song called “Bitches Love Me,” and that is pretty steroidally Biff. You will want these songs and you will not want to give them back. Lorraine.

ZIP: Future – FBG: The Movie (Left-Click)

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