January 17, 2013

Last year, quiet as kept, Teebs dropped The Cecilia Tapes, a 300-pressed CDR with hand-made artwork that he sold at live shows and the HVW8 gallery. There were rough unmastered sketches, but they still tapped into the elemental deciduous beauty of everything the Brainfeeder family artist has released. You should acquire it if you can. Presumably, a follow-up to his first LP, Ardour is on the way, considering he’s just as silently put up “Pianomess” on his Soundcloud. (Shout to Potholes in My Blog for the heads-up).

“Pianomess” is slight, just a buck 48, but it has all the hallmarks of the great music he’s previously made. It’s the sound of doing a perfect backflip off the top of a waterwall and landing softly into a pool filled with half-naked mermaids playing the theremin. No Te’O. This is a beautiful mess and as someone with an extensive history with beautiful messes, I think I can speak on that with authority.

Tracks below the jump, including one from The Cecilia Tapes.

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