January 21, 2013

In what is an obviously sinister plot to make you turn up your system even louder, Gunplay has released arguably the worst mastered tape in the history of mixtapes. Somehow this has shattered the record of even the most ratchet recording of all-time: Boosie & Hurricane Chris’ Bad Azz Hurricane. This is more of Gunplay feeding the people scrap raps cut with god knows what. But if you are one of those people who has been inducted in the cult of Don Logan, this is worth downloading if nothing else for “The Hard Way” and to hear Gunplay over the “Triggaman” beat. There are lots of shout outs to the Bilderberg Group, as one might expect. I  can’t lie though; I would enjoy this mixtape much more if it was thematically centered on the 1994 Chevy Chase – Jack Palance vehicle, Cops & Robbersons. One can dream big.

Download and stream below the jump.

ZIP: Gunplay – Cops & Robbers (Left-Click)

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