January 22, 2013

When Nite Jewel met Sick Wid It: the collaboration that everyone had been waiting for:  By everyone, I meant me. Ramona Gonzalez mentioned her collaboration with the son of 40 Fonzarelli to me roughly a year ago. If I hadn’t previously spoken extensively with her about the history of Bay Area rap, I might have been surprised. Instead, it seemed inevitable. When you grew up in the Bay Area in the 90s (or today), you are contractually mandated to know the deeper meaning of Carlos Rossi and the hook to “Captain Save a Ho.” When you think of Sugar, you think of this woman (and drop the “r.”). Nite Jewel understands this as well as anyone.

Extra credit for the video’s immaculate art-deco San Francisco vibe. There are three piece striped suits, furs, and gowns and it feels more elegant than any rap song that I’ve heard in a while. I want to build a speakeasy just to have this as my soundtrack. Droop-E, J. Stalin, and Nite Jewel can be the new Click. The people are ready. If not, rappers need to pay Nite Jewel for hook duty. It worked for K. Dot and Sonnymoon, and if I have to hear Skylar Grey one more time, that will not b(e) legit. This is smooth.

Nite Jewel also dropped a new video for “Memory, Man” from the excellent One Second of Love. Clips and cuts below the jump.

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