January 29, 2013

Might as well make the Souls of Mischief comparisons explicit with a sample of Billy Cobham’s “Heather.” The Underachievers have been steadily building buzz since I first wrote about them last July. They deserve every word. I still remember hearing “93 Till Infinity” 20 years ago on Yo! MTV raps and spending an entire summer scrounging for the cassingle. I never found it and didn’t get my fix until I came across a Jive Records sampler later that year. Said cassette also had “Players Ball” and Ace of Base, so it was a great day in human history. Hearing the video for “The Mahdi” recreates that feeling and credit due to technology for allowing me to watch it on loop, rather than be forced to trawl every Sam Goody, Wherehouse and Music Plus in the Western region.

Indigoism drops on February 1st and is my most anticipated debut mixtape of the year thus far. In the meantime. dial up 7 digits, call up Bridget, and play her this song.

The group also dropped “6th Sense” last month in tribute to the late Capital STEEZ. It is posted below the jump.

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