The intention was to get two of the savviest managers in the music business into the studio and have them dish on the unsavory stories and sundry shadiness that they’ve come across during their time in the industry. We completely failed at that. However, I think that Dan Weisman (Elitaste Inc, former manager of Wale, Big Sean, & Mike Posner) and Leeor Brown (Friends of Friends, manager of Salva & Shlohmo) dropped insight and their thoughts on the record business as it stands in 2013. The full episode explanation, the podcast, and a video of Nocando freestyling is below the jump. Shades of futuristic Ahmad. You’ll see.

“Dan Weisman (Elitaste Inc. and former manager of Wale & Mike Posner) and Leeor Brown (FoF Music and manager of Salva & Shlohmo) join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to talk about the record industry. The guys discuss why it takes time for certain artists to gain a following, why having copycats is good promotion, and the ways the internet has drastically changed the music industry. Dan tells us how he started to work with Wale, Leeor tells about his first time meeting Salva, and they both explain why it’s harder today to get up on artists early. Plus, Nocando & Jeff talk about the music of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.”

MP3: Shots Fired Episode 14 – Four Thousand and Eighty w/ guests Dan Weisman (Wale, Big Sean, Mike Posner) & Leeor Brown (Friends of Friends, Shlohmo)

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