Last week, Shea Serrano sent me a frazzled early morning e-mail asking me why The Outfit, TX. weren’t bigger. My only response was: no publicist, no organized hype campaign, no big name co-sign. Has it come to this, Internet? That a group who dropped one of last year’s best albums can’t even crack 1,500 views in its first two weeks without love from “THE HIPSTER RAP MAFIA (to quote rap bloggers who mistake journalism for responding to publicist’s e-mails). And you, “hipster media,” put down the My Bloody Valentine album (for like 25 minutes) and give The Outfit, a chance. Their last album was called Cooly Fooly Space Age Funk, which last time I checked were four adjectives that invariably make for good music (unless “cooly fooly” only counts as one).

For the record, I don’t even know what a hipster is anymore. Also last week, while I was waiting in line for coffee, some walking Silverlake cardigan offered unsolicited advice on the proper composition of a cappuccino. I told him that you have never understood Cappadonna and this is not the time to try to start. He looked befuddled. I do know that The Outfit, Tx. are being slept on. So check out their last album below the jump. It costs roughly one overpriced “hipster” cup of coffee.

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