February 6, 2013

After the Smoke may or may not be named after the Ghostface song, but they get extra credit just for hinting at the idea. Truthfully, the Tallahassee group don’t need any additional points. They’ve racked up almost a million views for the video above without a label, publicity campaign, or blog support. They’re also from Tallahassee, which well, you can rack up the number of famous groups to have emerged from that part of America’s wang (word to Homer Simpson).

“OIAM” fits into the slowed-down, smoke-riddled sub-genre currently owned by Drake and A$AP Rocky. The raps flip between snarls and singing and the video is filled with enough salaciousness for Byron Crawford. This is how you get offered a major label deal and considering the group’s Twitter says they’re in LA at the moment, I would bet on this not being the last time you hear of these guys. There are other videos below the jump, which are less rappity (so I obviously like them less), but they are plenty smooth blends of disco, hip-hop and R&B. It sort of sounds like the sort of stuff that I wish Cee-Lo would be doing in 2013 rather than forcing Goodie Mobb to wear alien-fighting spacesuits.


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