February 13, 2013

Deen is smanging in swangers.

I figured that by now I’d have begun to suffer from Future/Mike Will Made It induced fatigue, but three minutes and thirty seconds later, I’m glad to report that I’m still on the bandwag… erm, spaceship. As we all know, it’s a copy cat industry and every hot rapper/hook man/producer has his own 15 minutes or so, but I’m beginning to suspect that Mike Will might be around for much longer than the standard allocation. Maybe he’s still on the 3rd or 4th minute, but I’ve already heard enough variations within his trademark sound to make me believe that he won’t be flaming out anytime soon. Or at least until he gets to work with Beyonce. That’s the ultimate goal, right? Drug dealers want that kilo, rap/R&B producers and writers want that Creole Sun Goddess collab.

As for Future, he’s always going to be hit or miss for this listener, but the hits are infectious enough to ensure that I’ll always press play whenever I see his name attached to some shit. If only to find out if it’s a hit or a dud – given that he’s compiling several of both. That last mixtape he put out was a stinker (and so is that “Karate Chop” crap folks are gonna start gassing soon), but between this shit and the hook he blessed Wayne’s next single with, his sins are already forgiven. And to think that I was convinced that I’d hate this guy forever when I first heard “Tony Montana.” I’m now the sheep I still hate. This is befuddling.

Finally, Trae. I’ll skip on the rest of the moniker. I was going criticize Slightly Happier Z-Ro for being the umpteenth muthafucka to shell out cash for a Mike Will beat equipped with a ready-made Future hook, then I remembered that Trae already had the good fortune of working with the Askronaut on said Askronaut’s debut album. “Long Live The Pimp” was one of the immediate winners on Pluto and Trae’s verse had a lot to do with that, So this song gets a pass and I suppose it’s nice to see Future repay the favor, with a custom if unoriginal contribution to Trae’s latest chart attempt.

Oh, and lest I forget to mention it, this shit actually counts as a good song. That tends get lost in these rants. And because I can’t think of a decent way to end this shit, I’ll just advise you to think of this song as a better version of Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” – with more testosterone and lean. Also, check your breasts for lumps. You might save a life…


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