February 14, 2013

The only man alive under the age of 50 who can pull off something this sentimental and sincere. Dam-Funk.  Thank this man for a Valentine’s Day re-fix of “Step Into My Life.” The note from Dam reads:

Happy Valentines Day, to everyone from D-F, via this ‘new version’ of the “Toeachizown” classic joint. It was recorded on the eve of Valentines Day (2013), while puting ‘finishing touches’ on the 1st ‘official’ (full length) album of new material since 2009’s “Toeachizown” 5 record box set / double CD on Stones Throw. This version is rich with lush rhodes, synth bass undertones & airy string nuances throughout, with new vocals. Get into this new version, this Valentine’s Day & with a Valentine & for years to come.

All music & vocals recorded in 1 take (accept strings & wind sound): DaM-FunK

This is what you want to play when your significant other tells you that playing Akinyele for the 6th straight time is no longer funny.

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