March 7, 2013

The central problem of writing on the Internet (beyond all the obvious central problems of writing on the Internet) is that you tend to seem like an insane person in public. At best, you come off as esoteric and insular jerk when you start quoting lyrics and ad-libs that no normal has never heard. Maybe this flies in college. I’m sure there are gangs of kids who do nothing but drop Facebook quotes of lyrics from Bronsolino, but none of my friends give a fuck about anything than happened musically after the inauguration of Barack Obama. Thankfully, there are message board tribes (what up, The What), who understand that one must “employ a lawyer that’s been Bar Mitzvah’d. Never trust the goyim.” But when I go out in the light of dark and tell people that I wear the lenses that Caminiti wore, no one seems to understand. Nor do they get that I am saying “what?” in my Iamsu! voice, not my Lil’ Jon impression, but such is life.

Bronson drops more 90s references than a Buzzfeed feature. It is to show that he is one of us. If you did not use a Morey boogie board, then I’m sorry. They are awesome. The three newest Bambam songs are below the jump because he is rising like a souffle.

MP3: Action Bronson (prod. by Harry Fraud) – “Morey Boogie Boards” (Left-Click)

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