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Ignore the whiff of Annie Lennox that initially rises off this new single from Chicago brother-sister duo Edith Beake. Once the song gets underway, it reveals itself as a driving, well-written duet—understated and cool with a surprising amount of verve. Edith (the name of the sister, as well as the band) has a relaxed alto and she carries the lyrics well, riding over the beat as oppose to getting drowned by it.

Edith and Chris Beake hail from Oak Park, Illinois, the hometown of Hemingway, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Chris Ware and Frank Lloyd Wright. Which is not to say anything about their future prospects, or inherent genius. I just look twice anytime I see the name Oak Park, which is how this single originally came to my attention. According to Edith, Chris Beake is currently “doing microfinance stuff in Uganda” but he’ll soon be back so expect to hear a lot more music of this caliber.

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