March 7, 2013

Tosten Burks is pretty proud of his use of the word “dyad.”

Here’s to pleasant surprises. Just when you thought Yelawolf was to forever be just an unappreciated slum-savant devolved into another bland Shady Records family member, he reminds you how gloriously weird he’s capable of being.

“F.A.S.T Ride,” from the upcoming Trunk Muzik Returns, is a lurching, frantic, BPM-confused exercise in what trunk-rattling sounds like in the middle of a chase scene. It’s Yelawolf revisiting his most deranged instincts.

His post-Radioactive output has failed to capture attention because it’s been unabrasive. Heart of Dixie was by the books. Psycho White was Yela and Travis Barker indulging in themselves. The Slumdon Bridge EP, while curious and surprising, packed no punch.

Here though, we get empty bottles and stolen rentals. The Dixie dyad. It’s funky ass shit to ride to, as long as you’re driving a clunker. We’re talking about drunk-in-a-dumpster funk. Moral of the story is, Yelawolf’s next project is actually anticipated. Who anticipated that?

MP3: Yelawolf – “Fast Ride”

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