March 11, 2013

$250,000 in sock money can buy you a ramshackle junkyard, rusting muscle cars, sleazy trailers, and busted ballerinas. But it can’t buy back a moment in time. Odds were skinnier than Earl in boxers that he and Tyler couldn’t replicate the feeling of being young, broke, and hungry. Fake guns and shock have no shelf life. And there is a mathematical evidence that you rapidly lose rap skills with every year that you star on a TV show. Eventually you end up like Ice-T, sallow, Cocolded, and starring on Law & Order: SVU.

But there is EarlWolf. You remember why the hype started and you’re happy it ended. They can just be great.  I’m reasonably sure Tyler interpolates Da Brat’s rhyme on “Sock it 2 Me.” A team of the cats from the Odd Future sweatshirts are needed to untangle the rhymes. The beat is minimal like Pharrell attempting to make a Mobb Deep beat. Earl rocks a Method Man coat and goes as hookless as “Triumph.”  It takes up where the two of them left off. Which is that they are probably the Madvillain for their generation, but on a mass scale. This song lives up to its name. It is like whoa, both the Black Rob and Joey Lawrence edition.

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