Puff Daddy and BIG head to London in March of 1995. Puff immediately tells the crowd of the Hammersmith Palais that this is a “celebration of being black.” Then he brags about having all the champagne and then they detonate into “Who Shot Ya.” Then Biggie raps over the remixes to “Real Love” and his verse on Super Cat’s “Dolly My Baby.” This is the apex. The only grievances are that this a radio edit and that Craig Mack is here. Alas, the backstage footage of Big stealing Mack’s jerk chicken is not. Otherwise, the sound quality is pretty good for a live rap show.

This is 95, so there are raps of the near-entirety of Ready to Die. This is better than a t-bone steak, cheese and eggs, and Welch’s Grape. Thanks to J.R. for the find. Show below the jump. Pre-order my book on Biggie & 2Pac here — if you’re into that sort of thing.

MP3: The Notorious B.I.G & Puff Daddy – Live in Hammersmith Palais (March, 1995)

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