Slava P had a pocket full of ass whoopings, but unfortunately, there was a hole in it.

The only thing people can agree upon when talking about Lil Wayne is that he’s incredibly polarizing. This partially lies in the fact that he’s an easy target for criticism with his absurd fashion choices, unexplainable passion for skateboarding, and his persistent release of music. His latest offering, I Am Not A Human Being 2, deals more with Dwayne’s love for pussy and prescription drugs than it does with the painful and violent tales of growing up in hard-knock Hollygrove that caused us to become transfixed with him during his Carter I through Carter 3 run.

Lil Wayne’s exhausting run in 2007 saw him churn out one ingenious punchline after another, laying down a foundation of content that would go on to be pilfered and exhumed by every popular rapper in the last few years from Chief Keef to 2 Chainz. At the same time, Wayne’s sexperimentation with bad sing-rapping on songs like “Prostitute Flange” and “Pussy, Money, Weed” served as a blueprint for new age goon-crooners like Future and French to refine and (arguably) improve upon it. When rumors rang out last week about Lil Wayne potentially dying, both fanboys and detractors alike thought about a world without Wayne and felt varying degrees of sadness. However off Weezy’s thought process has become with his new-found lifestyle, the thought of losing someone as influential as him marks the end of an era. He may not be the new Tupac, but he was the first rapper of his generation to take us into space, the first to popularize hook-free club-bangers and he is definitely the last, Lil Wayne.

Tickled ivories
with nonsensical boasting.
Drug intake seems off.

Curtains feat. Boo
Advertising a
lack of worries. Might this be
foreshadow for tape?

Days and Days feat. 2 Chainz
Drums tap and samples
ring, as the dread brothers meet
again to blabber

Gunwalk feat. Gudda Gudda
Threatening chants and
a forgotten goon member,
plus uncle Juicy.

No Worries feat. Detail
Guess who doesn’t care?
If you said the guy who had
two seizures, you’re right!

Back to You
Unique sample choice
makes for surprisingly
powerful love song.

Trigger Finger feat. Souljah Boy
Haunting strings and a
boring Souljah mix with
paranoid musings

Beat the Shit feat. Gunplay
A mash-up of trends
as the cocaine cannonball
raps over neu-trap

Rich As Fuck feat. 2 Chainz
Just cause you swapped the
verses doesn’t mean the song
got any better

Trippy feat. Juicy J
Once the body is
found, this song can be used
as the cause of death

Love Me feat. Drake, Future
You should think that two
hook-princes could come up with
something more clever

High-maintenance Weezy
recounts occupational
hazards he’s brought on

God Bless Amerika
Murky imagery,
overly political
content. Not too good.

Wowzers feat. Trina
A powerful ode
to genitalia, with
aide from Magic Box

A re-rebirth, while
not great, shows some improvement
(but wrong direction)

Lay It Down feat. Cory Gunz, Nicki Minaj
Out of place YM
members trip over themselves
to stay in pocket

Hot Revolver feat. Dre
A Green Day tribute
with added seizure reference.
Bad joke, good timing

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