March 27, 2013

After three years of feverish anticipation, Joker finally dropped his debut and no one was pleased. Chalk it up to the combination of unreasonable expectations and an attempt to get that Magnetic Man money. But times have changed. Quiet as kept, Joker has continued to refine his aesthetic, dropping occasional one-offs that typically get ignored by most of the American media who don’t treat “Bangarang” as a four letter word.

The time is ripe for a comeback. For one, every white trap Yahoo with a newfound appreciation for Young Chop has been attempting to drill their way to the top of the Beatport charts. But Joker already owned this lane before it even existed. “Purple” was really just an amalgamation of grime, Timbaland and the Neptunes, and dubstep. All Joker had to do was add some hi-hats and he was there. Give the dude credit though — his newest track “Newham Generals” leaves the Hi-Hats alone, but adds the trademark alien brain cooker synths and drums that hit harder than Larry Holmes in his prime. Just listen to those drums. If you play this on the right system, you could shake Tim Mosley out of his suit and tie and leave him disoriented and nude standing in the middle of South London. I deeply apologize for putting that image in your head.

Joker – “Newham Generals”

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