March 28, 2013

Kenny Dennis is the Deacon, the Grimm Teacher, the MC Crusher, the onion eater, the chop connoisseur, the 4:14 mile runner, the cool wind passing you by. He is the weather vane telling you which way the wind blows, the clerk always offering the right directions. There are moments of true comic genius in Serengeti’s Kenny alter-ego. The coda when he starts listing directions like the Contra Code at the end of “Directions,” is one of those instances where there is no daylight between the character and the corporeal. In interviews, I’ve asked ‘Geti obscure questions about Kenny and without pause, he will divulge everything from the KD’z familial ties, emotions, or thoughts on Ozzie Guillen. Kenny is basically the rap Ron Swanson.

This is taken from the Kenny Dennis LP, slated for release on Anticon on June 25. I have heard it and it is better than Berenger.

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