April 1, 2013

Information is scarce on the status of Boosie. I was told two months ago that he might get out this summer — but he might not get out until next year. What’s clear is that the officials at the Angola Penitentiary are determined to make his incarceration as painful as possible. I’ve repeatedly attempted to gain entrance, but have been denied for reasons that are allegedly due to prisoner “bad behavior.” They’ve even banned him from writing letters to the media, which I’ve been told is a violation of his First Amendment Rights. An appeal to the Louisiana State ACLU remains pending.

In the meantime, I’ve been told that he’s been on lockdown in his cell on Death Row for months. That recent rash of articles about him receiving his GED in jail recycled old information. His graduation occurred early last Fall, prior to the renewed attempt by officials to suppress his communication with the outside world. At first, it was for a phone call to Webbie. Now the prison officials are trying to punish him for the contents of his letters. If you’re keeping score, he’s awaiting release due to infractions stemming from attempting to smuggle drugs into prison. The murder charges against him were dropped by a unanimous jury. To make matters worse, the state refuses to give him back any of the hard drives they confiscated in 2010. Before being jailed, he bragged that he had a Beatles catalog waiting to get him through his bid, but until the trial of Marlo Mike is over. he can’t access any of it.

During his trial, one of the star witnesses was his cousin, Donkey — who is most well known for his verse and appearance in the video for “We Out Chea.” The state had accused Donkey of running a pressure campaign to get the alleged hitman, Marlo Mike, to change his story. Donkey’s testimonial was one of the most entertaining and impressive performances in a Southern courtroom since My Cousin Vinny. Along with Percy Keith, who is in Kevin Gates’ B.W.A. clique, the pair have teamed up to release a bell-ringing song called “Free Boosie,” passed onto me via the great DJ Boy Earl. The remix is supposedly shaping to be something serious.  I’m also posting “Play It How it Go,” a fittingly savage Boosie track that leaked last November that flew under the radar. Any new Boosie is good Boosie.

MP3: Donkey ft. Percy Keith – “Free Boosie”
MP3: Lil Boosie ft. Money Bagz & Savage – “Play it How it Go”

ZIP: Lil Boosie – Best of Lil Boosie (Left-Click)




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