April 4, 2013

There’s something baffling about “Take a Fall for Me,” namely that James Blake probably hasn’t listened to a RZA solo album ever. If he had, I imagine that he would’ve realized that aiming for the 2013 “Love Jones” was the wise move. On the bright side, none of us ever expected RZA to rhyme “tight as the grip of a squid/I wouldn’t trade it for a million quid.” Or did we? On closer inspection, he may have rapped that on the Gravediggaz’s collabo with Tricky. Either way, there is a shared connection between the two 6’4 artists predicated on their understanding that love is digi.

James Blake is becoming the British Frank Ocean with every passing day. I admire both of their attempts to merge soul music with hip-hop with the sound of a tear drop rustling from the leaves of a spruce tree (that’s the secret to properly channeling the falsetto). Blake has also dropped a new song, where he samples Big Boi. It’s also below the jump. If you’re keeping score, his new album references the two only rap acts known to your parents. A+ for effort. C+ for not realizing that we don’t live in the year, 1997.  Here’s to hoping he releases a bonus track with Kool Keith talking about how he has “hoes in Brighton who he stabs with his Triton.” My mom mum loves that guy bloke.

James Blake – “Every Day I Ran” (Left-CLick)

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