Even Greg Popovich had to salute the latest episode of Shots Fired. He wasn’t included, nor did we include Tony Parker’s killer crossover onto the French rap charts, but the episode speaks for itself. And by speaks for itself, I mean that I probably didn’t stop rambling for an hour. Our guest was Andy “Doctor Rosen Rosen”, the producer for Meg Myers and one half of the Totally Laime podcast. The topic of discussion was pop rap: its successes, failures, and innovative use of Ninja Turtles. We go from “Genius Rap” to Tyga. Lots of Hammer and Vanilla Ice. I’ll let the episode description do the legwork:

“Andy Rosen joins MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to talk about the history of Pop Rap and crossovers. They’ll get into what makes something Pop, why certain rappers failed to maintain a stable career after having one crossover hit, and their thoughts on the modern era of Pop. Plus, the guys explain what ratchet is to Andy. Take that. Take that.”

Download it below the jump.

MP3: Shots Fired Episode 23: And it Might Go Pop ft. Doctor Rosen Rosen


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