April 4, 2013

Nico Jaar reenacts the video for Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin.” Or a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Or he “journeys into the abyss to ponder the complexities of making music today” with the Avant/Garde Diaries. You can read their illuminating interview here.

I’m pretty sure that quote is from a Method Man song, but I may be mistaken. Jaar hitting on all cylinders with the flying eunuch IDM meets jazz meets R&B lane. Right now, he cannot be stopped by anything other than gravity. Shouts to the unfadeable Gorilla and his bear sidekicks for the heads-up.

Jaar’s essential mix is below the jump. If you hear it and dislike it, you will be shot into outer space with no drugs or liquor and be forced to reenact the above video for perpetuity.

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