While most rap groups are merely about asking questions, Two9 are all about answering them. I respect that. Last November, Two9 asked you to guess who was fucking your bitch. To the chagrin of many young males in their early 20s, the answer was not merely the Based God, but also the squad of Curtis Williams, Retro Sushi, Fat Kids Brotha, Frankenstein, Damien, Wavy and key!. Therapy may be the last growth industry left in America. There are some answers that might not want to know. But as Joe Public once said: we’ve got to live and learn.

The group’s new video, shot for a loosie off the last excellent Mike Will compilation, confronts the question that has plagued everyone from German Nihilists and Jeffrey Lebowski, to the members of Occupy, to a young Snoop Dogg: where is the money. An interviewer asks Curtis Williams why he didn’t go to med school and the reply comes out in the song. And to be fair, the rap world is probably more lucrative in your 20s anyway. Do you know how long it takes before you actually get to practice medicine?

The interview also inquires about comparisons between Two9 and Wu-Tang, which Williams doesn’t entirely dismiss. Let the record show that all comparisons to Wu-Tang are essentially futile. That’s like comparing someone to the Beatles. You can only do someone a disservice. However, if they were going to make Two9 and Triple Six comparisons, you wouldn’t be all that far off — considering this song is essentially a re-working of “Where Dem Dollas At” Not to mention Juicy J’s debt to Mike Will for “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” the song that brought his money tree back to full bloom.

Over the last six months, Two9 have been steadily garnering attention and this song might be their most anthemic yet. Flash forward to about the 1:20 mark, bob your head, extend a middle finger, and listen to the worst advice that anyone can ever give you. Unless you can rap better than Two9, in which case, quit your day job.

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