April 9, 2013

Do you know how official you have to be to get away with wearing a scarf on the South Side of Baton Rouge? I’m pretty sure Kevin Gates is the only one who has ever successfully pulled that off. The comparisons between Boosie and Gates are overblown, probably because the people making them have never heard a Concentration Camp record. But what the two of them do have in common is that they depict the permanent rot of Baton Rouge across the the tracks, better than anyone else. For every “Satellites,” Gates writes an “IDGAF” or an “IHOP” and that’s why he earned the love of both LSU kids and the people living by the levee.

The Luca Brasi EP is on-sale at iTunes if you want to support. The original is still on Live Mixtapes and you can get it below the jump.

ZIP: Kevin Gates – The Luca Brasi Story (Left-Click)

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